1. WW3I is proud to present Magdy El Shafee’s first contribution to our magazine on the web for your reading pleasure. We had been aware of Magdy’s graphic novel Metro when it was released in Egypt in 2008, and the legal difficulties it faced, so when we started to put together issue #42 of World War 3 Illustrated in the early months of 2011, dedicated to the spirit of liberation that was sweeping from the Arab world to the U.S. and the world over, Magdy was one of the first cartoonists we contacted to contribute. He turned in this 7 page story, “The Anonymous”— dedicated, he said, to the real heroes of Tahrir Square, whose names and faces would never be known.

    We are enormously proud to have brought Magdy’s work to print in the U.S. for the first time, and we post this now in the hopes that it will increase Magdy’s visibility and profile in the U.S. after his recent arrest. Although he has been freed on bail, we still want to support Magdy in his upcoming legal battles. We are trying to organize an event in NYC now for Magdy— stay tuned!

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