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    The latest issue of World War 3 Illustrated (#45 “Before and After”) is officially out! Edited by Peter Kuper and Scott Cunningham. This one’s all about death.

    WW3 Illustrated is a political comics magazine that’s been publishing annually since 1979. I’ve been a member of the editors’ collective for 2 years.

    This is an amazing issue. Contributions previewed above:

    • Ways that Peter Kuper might have met his fate
    • Hayley Gold on growing up anorexic
    • Murals from Egypt commemorating people who died in the Arab spring
    • Tom Hart on losing his child
    • Collage by Anthony Freda
    • Mumia Abu-Jamal, who spent 30 years on death row, collaborating with artist Todd Hyung-Rae Tarselli, also incarcerated
    • Mac McGill on psychedelics as end-of-life therapy
    • An extremely beautiful and personal story from Seth Tobocman
    • Back cover by Thomas Woodruff

    The issue also features Stephanie McMillan, Scott Cunningham, Sandy Jimenez, Isabella Bannerman, Steve Brodner, Mac Mcgill,  Kayla Escobedo, Susan Wilmarth, Frank Reynoso, Nik Moore, Ethan Heitner and more.

    Order your copy straight from Top Shelf, or pick one up in person from your local independent comics shop or radical bookstore.

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