1. World War 3 Illustrated presents a collaborative comic Magdy El Shafee and several Egyptian artists, including WW3I contributor Ganzeer, made for issue #43 of our magazine. It is titled “What No-one Will Tell You (About The Fire At The Science Academy) and captures the mood in Egypt one year after the revolution, under the regime of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces.

    Magdy El Shafee was arrested by the current regime in mid-April, freed on bail, and is awaiting trial on trumped-up charges of violence. You can read all of our coverage and updates here (including more comics) and by following the tag #freemagdy

    You can buy a copy of World War 3 Illustrated #43 from Top Shelf here.

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    Meet Magdy El Shafee, graphic novelist of the ongoing Egyptian Revolution

    Saturday, May 11 — 2pm to 4pm — FREE

    School of Visual Arts Auditorium
    209 East 23rd street, room 311

    co-sponsored by the BFA Illustration and Cartooning Department of SVA

    Magdy El Shafee’s 2008 graphic novel, Metro: A Story of Cairo has been called the first Arabic-language graphic novel. It was banned by the regime of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak and El Shafee and his publisher were arrested, jailed and fined. In 2012, one year after the fall of Mubarak, it was finally republished in Arabic, French, Italian, German and English.

    El Shafee has continued to chronicle his own involvement in the tumultuous Egyptian politics of street protest and repression through comics, several of which have now appeared in English in World War 3 Illustrated magazine, the U.S’s longest-running political comix anthology.

    In late April he was again arrested with a group of protestors demonstrating against the new Egyptian regime of Mohammad Mursi. After his arrest made international news, he was released on bail, but still faces extreme charges in an Egyptian legal system known for targeting demonstrators.

    On Saturday, May 11th at 2pm, at the School of Visual Arts auditorium on 23rd Street in Manhattan, El Shafee will give a presentation via live Skype from Cairo talking about the new movement of cartoonists that has emerged from the Arab spring, about the changing situation in Egypt, about his own case and his own art.

    Introducing and interviewing El Shafee will be Peter Kuper and Seth Tobocman, co-founders of World War 3 Illustrated.
     All are welcome, admission is free.
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  5. "Egypt is burning."

    This is Magdy El Shafee’s untitled single page comic, drawn approximately a year after the January 2011 revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak, reflecting on how the military junta that replaced him was scapegoating the protestors who had been the heroes of the revolution. It appeared in print in World War 3 Illustrated #43, which you can buy from Top Shelf here. Translation by Eman Morsi. You can read his comic about the revolution we posted yesterday here.

    Magdy El Shafee was arrested by the current regime in mid-April, freed on bail, and is awaiting trial on trumped-up charges of violence. You can read all of our coverage and updates here and by following the tag #freemagdy

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  7. WW3I is proud to present Magdy El Shafee’s first contribution to our magazine on the web for your reading pleasure. We had been aware of Magdy’s graphic novel Metro when it was released in Egypt in 2008, and the legal difficulties it faced, so when we started to put together issue #42 of World War 3 Illustrated in the early months of 2011, dedicated to the spirit of liberation that was sweeping from the Arab world to the U.S. and the world over, Magdy was one of the first cartoonists we contacted to contribute. He turned in this 7 page story, “The Anonymous”— dedicated, he said, to the real heroes of Tahrir Square, whose names and faces would never be known.

    We are enormously proud to have brought Magdy’s work to print in the U.S. for the first time, and we post this now in the hopes that it will increase Magdy’s visibility and profile in the U.S. after his recent arrest. Although he has been freed on bail, we still want to support Magdy in his upcoming legal battles. We are trying to organize an event in NYC now for Magdy— stay tuned!

    You can also follow updates from WW3I on our facebook page, facebook.com/worldwar3illustrated,

    twitter account @ww3illustrated

    and contact us at worldwar3illustrated @ gmail

    You can order a copy of WW3I #42, and all of our recent issues, from Top Shelf by clicking here.

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  9. Kids Drawings For Magdy L Shafee

    Sunday morning, as we all waited for news of Egyptian cartoonist Magdy El Shafee, who had been arrested at a demonstration, WW3’s Sabrina Jones shared his story with the children at the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Here are the drawings they produced in support of him. Thanks to Dwight, Kiana, Juliet and Joy! They will be happy to know that he is free again.

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  11. Magdy’s brother Omar el Shafie just posted this photo to his Facebook page with the caption: Magdy is free!

    Thank you so much to everyone who contacted the embassy or helped spread the word. Magdy still needs our support, as he still faces ridiculous and trumped-up charges. We are going to try to organize an event in NYC with him soon!

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  13. UPDATE 3 MONDAY 9:13AM -

    Apologies, Magdy has not been released yet. Twitter reports that they are at the station signing papers for him and waiting as of this morning:



    UPDATE 2 (1:12 PM EST):

    Magdy has been released on LE1000 bail (approximately $150), but the charges have not been dropped and the case will continue. We can only speculate that international pressure was key to his early release, and we will be maintaining our campaign of solidarity and support throughout the case until these false charges are dropped.

    El-Watan newspaper report on Magdy’s bail in Arabic:




    The Qasr al Nil prosecution decided today to release Magdy El Shafee, the comics artist and pioneer of the graphic novel, on LE1000 bail, after he was arrested during Friday’s “cleanse the judiciary” clashes on charges of possession of firearms, illegal assembly, attacks on security forces and damage to public property.

    The prosecution had sentenced him yesterday to 4 days of interrogation.

    However, Magdy’s brother, Omar El Shafee, told El-Watan that the case is continuing, and that he had not been released yet, but that he was expected to be released from either the Darb al-Ahmar or Qasr al-Nil station when they pay his bail, which they were on the way to do. He also emphasized that the solidarity vigil in front of the Journalists’ Syndicate for Dr. Shafee is continuing.

     Later reports on Facebook confirm that Magdy has now been released. Stay tuned for more information and a possible upcoming solidarity event in NYC.


    Magdy L Shafee was arrested in Cairo Friday night. He has been charged, along with 38 other protestors arrested, with clearly trumped up charges, including possession of molotov cocktails, attempted murder of police officers, and destroying public property. According multiple witnesses, El Shafee had gone down to try to stop the clashes and was arrested at random, while walking through the square, because he didn’t run away from the cops. He has been taken to the infamous Tora Prison for 4 days of interrogation.

    We continue to urge our friends to call the Egyptian embassy in Washington, D.C. and demand they release Magdy L Shafee and all unarmed demonstrators. You can call them at: 202-895-5400

    More information at:



    Follow #freemagdy on twitter for updates

     (The top poster says “Magdy is not a thug!” and gives information about his arrest, the bottom image is a drawing by Ammar Abo Bakr of police officers outside the court where Magdy made an appearance yesterday in handcuffs— it says “Free Magdy L Shafee” at the top and “police are dogs”)



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  15. Friends in Cairo have informed us that last night Egyptian cartoonist Magdy L Shafee was arrested along with dozens of other demonstrators against the Muslim Brotherhood and the government of Egypt. His friends tell us he was unarmed and went down to the protest to urge calm. Shafee is known as the creator of the first Arabic graphic novel, Metro, and was a contributor to issues #42 and #43 of World War 3 Illustrated (pictured here is his wraparound cover for #42). Second photo of Shafee from today’s appearance in court. We urge our readers to call the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, D.C. and demand they release Magdy L Shafee and all unarmed demonstrators. You can call them at: 202-895-5400

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